Mission Statement
Our mission is to build social, emotional, academic and free expression of individuals with communication difficulties using a comprehensive approach designed to secure best possible outcomes that use measurable goals

Programmes and Services

Individual and group therapies are available. Specific target objectives are used to nurture, coach & maximize development and learning of core language, social and literacy skills. Progress is monitored through the use of an individualized communication Plan (ICP) and Individualized Educational Plan (IEP). Core Programs are embedded within Communication Based Approach and Academic Based Approach.

Communication Approach

Treatment builds skills using focused practice, parent training and home assignments. Age-appropriate games, songs and activities are used to motivate and teach children, especially when they are young. Most are having so much fun, they don’t even realize that they are learning essential skills. Parents are encouraged to observe sessions, ask questions and practice with their child at home. Treatment is offered by Speech-Language Therapists.

Academic Approach (Integrated Support)

Struggling students benefit from assessment-based programs, individualized goals and one-on-one instruction. Early help can prevent academic failure and secondary social and emotional difficulties. The best time to prepare kids for success in school and in life is EARLY. Specialist Academic Integrated Support is offered by Mainstream Teachers.

Speech / Language / Social

  • Gigg’s Language Foundation Program
    This Program builds up basic foundation language & communication function in children.
  • Gigg’s Early Connect n Communicate Program
    This Program focuses on building-up engagement and basic need for communication in children.
  • Gigg’s Artic Program
    This Program strengthens oral musculature and teaches correct placement & production for speech to be intelligible.
  • Gigg’s Stutter - Free Speech Program
    This Program facilitates fluent and easy speech using latest innovative approaches in Stuttering Management.
  • Gigg’s Swallow-Well Program
    This Program clinically manages ‘Dysphagia’ using non-invasive approaches to build-up muscle strength/oral & pharyngeal control/bolus control/alertness in both children and adults.
  • Gigg’s Thinking Language Program
    This Program encourages critical thinking/logical reasoning/analysis/prediction/imagination in language type tasks.
  • Gigg’s Facilitated Communication Skills Program
    This Program improves adult-child communication during basic communication & conversation.
  • Gigg’s Connect, Communicate n Converse (3C’s) Program
    This Program highlights the need for engagement, intent and need for communication in children, adolescents and young adults.
  • Gigg’s Social Friendship & Conversational Skills Program
    This Program teaches students how to strategically think/speak/act in real-life social communication situations. It teaches students how to understand/act (both verbally & nonverbally) in problem social situations such as bullying/aggression/conflicts.
  • Gigg’s Talk About Me Program
    This Program is designed to be used with children or adults with social-communication skills difficulties. It uses a hierarchy of skills to be taught such as awareness of self/others, awareness of communication, non-verbal skills, verbal skills, assertiveness skills. Activities encourage group cohesion.
  Literacy / Academic

  • Gigg’s Little Scholars (Nursery)
    This class prepares the child for emerging literacy and academic skills, reading readiness as well as pre-writing skills.
  • Gigg’s Junior Scholars 1 (Kindergarten 1)
    This class builds-up core skills for literacy such as letter-sound rules for early reading skills, reading & decoding, penmanship, written expression in 4-6 years old children.
  • Gigg’s Junior Scholars 2 (Primary 1 Preparatory)
    The preparatory skills class establishes core skills in the areas of Language, Literacy and Social communication essential for formal school learning.
  • Gigg’s Scholars (Primary 1-6)
    This class encourages group learning of classroom language/literacy/academic concepts in school-aged children.
  • Gigg’s Discover Science Practical Program
    This class encourages a fun-based “hands-on” approach to teach basic science fundamentals to school-aged children.
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