Mission Statement
Our mission is to build social, emotional, academic and free expression of individuals with communication difficulties using a comprehensive approach designed to secure best possible outcomes that use measurable goals

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Speaking, listening, reading, writing and social skills are the number one predictors of success in school and in the workplace. If you or someone you love struggles with communication, Call us for an appointment.

Referral Procedure

Families, teachers, medical doctors, allied health professionals are welcome to call our office and arrange their own appointments.
A doctor’s referral is not necessary.

GIGG's Human Communication Centre

1652 Ground level Brahmaputra
Apartments sector 29
Noida 201301

Telephone: 9319500399 | 9560053459

Opening Hours:
Monday to Saturday (9am to 7 pm)

We are closed on Gazetted Public Holidays

Email: vinitipuri@gmail.com

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