Mission Statement
Our mission is to build social, emotional, academic and free expression of individuals with communication difficulties using a comprehensive approach designed to secure best possible outcomes that use measurable goals


Speech, Language And Communication Assessments

Assessment results help to determine whether or not a problem exists, areas of strength and weakness, prognosis for improvement, and goals for intervention. Assessment tools include standardized test batteries such as Preschool Language Scale (PLS-4), Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals (CELF-4), Stuttering Severity Index for Children and Adults (SSI) and others.

Speech and language therapists use parent interviews, observation and formal testing to assess children and adults.

For young children, play-based testing procedures are emphasized. Testing areas are determined by referral concerns, and may address articulation, expressive vocabulary and grammar, fluency, oral peripheral structure and function, listening comprehension and recall, social interaction, reading and written communication skills.

Assessment results determine intervention type for individuals with communication difficulties.
  • Specialist Autism Therapy
  • Hanen Early Language Program
  • Intensive Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) Training
  • Sensory Integration - Sensory Modulation/Posture/Oral Motor Speech Program
  • Auditory Listening Skills Program
  • Social Friendship Skills Training
  • Adult Speech, Language and Swallowing Assessment & Management

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